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Wax Melt Care + Tips

Só Soy Wax Melt Care Tricks + Tips

Want to get the most of your Só Soy Wax Melts? We've compiled the best tips and tricks for you below.

Easy cleaning

Need an easy way to swap out your wax melts? Light your tea light for a short time (a couple of minutes). This should allow the wax melt to loosen from the warmer ever so slightly so you can pop it out whole.


Want a change?

We know that your fragrance pick can change with your mood, or the time of day. Our 3 Dish Wax Melt Warmer allows you to change fragrances with ease and makes cleaning a breeze.

Safety First

Never leave a burning wax warmer unattended, and always keep away from children, pets, and drafts. Place your warmer on a heat resistant surface and away from any flammable objects. Never burn for more than 4 hours at a time.


Can't make up your mind?

Our 9 Piece Wax Melt Collection makes a great gift, but is also the perfect excuse to sample our fragrance family. 9 fragrances to suit every mood and room.

Só Soy Wax Melt Gift Set 9 Piece Collection


Now that you've read our Wax Melt tips and tricks, you can view our entire wax melt collection here.

Só Soy Wax Melt Care Tips and Tricks


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